Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vote For Dunwoody High Student Caitlin Gutierrez

“Georgia Youth Country Artist of the Year’


“Youth Music Video of the Year Award”

Dunwoody High School student Caitlin Gutierrez has been nominated for “Georgia Youth Country Artist of the Year” AND “Youth Music Video of the Year” by the Georgia Music Awards!

Please show your support and VOTE for her at http://adf.ly/bZCV7.

Steps to vote for Caitlin:

Click here to go to the GMA Webpage to vote.  

  1. Enter your email. 

  2. Choose the “Youth” and “Video Youth” Categories.  

  3. Click the “Next Page” tab

  4. Click beside Caitlin’s name in the “Youth and Rock Country” and “Video Youth” categories.

  5. Enter the CAPTCHA words.

  6. Click on the “Submit” tab.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Empowerment Program for Kids 7-17!

Empowerment Program for Kids 7-17!

What is it?                     A full weekend of empowerment for ANY kid who
wants to learn how to experience more confidence and control in their everyday

Who’s it
for?                Any
kids age 7-17 dealing with
Bullying in any form as well as those who would like to learn how to
be peer
Leaders/Advocates in their own schools and community 

When and
June 15-16, 2013 (Sat 9am-5pm & Sun 1pm-7pm)

Luke's Presbyterian Church

Mt Vernon Rd  

GA 30338

Click here to register.

The P.O.P will educate your child about how bullies choose their targets and
will assist him/her in understanding how they can avoid becoming one!

The Power On! coaches are certified professionals in the areas of law
enforcement, education, self-defense and psychology with more than 60 years of
combined experience.

The program includes physical and verbal self-defense training and role play
and peer discussion along with many fun activities! Kids receive a camp
t-shirt, a camp handbook, all necessary supplies and lunch is even supplied on


Primrose School of Dunwoody Family and Teacher(s) of the Month (May)

Primrose School of Dunwoody

Family and Teacher(s) of the Month (May) 

Congratulations to the Bragg Family!

We own been so very blessed to be next to Primrose since 2006. Tyler and Beau own flourished next to Primrose and own made many links at hand. They love the teachers and the nurturing setting. They especially love the fun take trips and the summer Explorers beat. We be pleased about all to facilitate Primrose has poured into the boys.

Their mom, Jennifer is a dentist with a practice in Cumming. She has visited Primrose several epoch to tell the kids around respectable oral physical condition. Their dad, Steve sells telephone lines advertising representing Clear Channel which owns several telephone lines stations in Atlanta, the boys favorite being 94.9 The Bull.

The Braggs are members of Buckhead place of worship and benefit from wandering – especially to St. Simons Island. The boys love movies and in concert with their links, and benefit from watching and in concert sports.

To gain knowledge of more around our Trusted Partnership with Parents, visit us next to 5050 Nandina fast lane in Dunwoody or call 770.396.8266.

In honor of May’s National Teacher Appreciation Day, we are celebrating the teachers at the Primrose School of Dunwoody as our Teachers of the Month! They are the “Apples of Our Eyes.”

We are so proud of our teachers! Their dedication and commitment to the education and care of young children is evident in all that they do. See why as they share in their love of teaching at the Primrose School of Dunwoody:

Ms. Griffy – Lead Teacher, Infants

“I enjoy working at Primrose because I am able to see all my little infants grow, learn and play. As the Lead Teacher, I am helping my infants become happy, healthy and loving toddler.”

Ms. Hamrick - Assistant Teacher, Infants

Ms. Hamrick's favorite children's book is "Morning Mr. Ted".

Ms. Hardy - Assistant Teacher, Infants

Ms. Hardy is always willing to help out and go that extra mile to ensure that all children feel welcomed each day that they arrive at Primrose.

Ms. Cohen-Dicks - Assistant Teacher, Infants

“I enjoy working at Primrose mostly because the staff are so friendly and helpful to each other. I feel appreciated for all I do and I truly appreciate all of them.”

Ms. Gilbert – Assistant Teacher, Infants

“I love working at Primrose because I love seeing the smiles every day when coming to school and watching all the infants grow is such a joy!”

Mrs. Mabee - Assistant Teacher, Infants

Since becoming an Infant teacher, Mrs. Mabee has been a great example of the excellence that we strive for every day. She has helped out in every classroom and her warm smile welcomes all of her friends to school every morning.

Mrs. Galloway - Assistant Teacher, Infants

Mrs. Galloway joined the Primrose team in 2012 and is an Assistant Teacher in the Young Toddler classroom.

Ms. Thomas - Lead Teacher, Young Toddlers

Ms. Thomas is very nurturing and loving to all the children in her class and she is a great help to her co-teachers. Mrs. Thomas is always willing to go the extra mile for our school and we greatly appreciate her enthusiasm during the day.

Ms. O’Reilly – Assistant Teacher, Young Toddlers

“I enjoy working at Primrose because the staff is friendly and helpful as I learn about the way things work. Being new to the team I feel welcome here as a teacher.”

Mrs. Boahene - Lead Teacher, Early Preschool

Mrs. Boahene's calm and nurturing manner is a wonderful addition to our EPS classroom. Mrs. Boahene exhibits patience, understanding and hard work each and every day at Primrose.

Ms. Parks - Assistant Teacher, Early Preschool

Ms. Parks is an Assistant Teacher in the Early Preschool classroom at the Primrose School of Dunwoody.

Ms. Moua - Assistant Teacher, Early Preschool

“I really enjoy working with my team and my students. They make me look forward to going to work every day. It makes me happy to know that I am making a difference in their lives by being their teacher.”

Ms. Trinh - Assistant Teacher, Early Preschool

“I enjoy working at Primrose because I get to see the difference that we make in our student lives watching them grow and learn each day brings a sense of accomplishment to my life.”

Ms. Powell - Lead Teacher, Preschool 1

“I really enjoy the kids in Preschool 1. They are starting to develop their personality and I enjoy seeing and being a part of that.”

Ms. Sigafoose - Assistant Teacher, Preschool 1

“Primrose offers the best for every child and parent. What brightens my day is coming to work and seeing the children’s faces grinning from cheek –to –cheek with excitement about coming to school.”

Ms. Battiste - Lead Teacher, Preschool 2

“I enjoy working at Primrose because I love making a difference in the life of a child. I have no idea where the power of my influence will stop so I cherish each moment and I teach, motivate, assist, and encourage the children with all of my heart.”

Ms. Gray - Assistant Teacher, Preschool 2

“I enjoy watching the children grow from infants all the way through to kindergarten. Not just the physical and educational growth but watching personalities develop and thrive throughout the years.”

Ms. Brinson - Lead Teacher, Private Pre-Kindergarten

“As a new team member, I am grateful that the staff is supportive and positive. It is wonderful to see the children come to school happy and excited to learn.”

Ms. Hernandez - Assistant Teacher, Private Pre-Kindergarten

Ms. Hernandez joined the Primrose team in 2007 and is an Assistant Teacher in the Private Pre-Kindergarten classroom in the morning and the Lead Junior Explorer Teacher in the afternoon.

Mrs. Lahara - Lead Teacher, Private Kindergarten

Mrs. Lahara’s students can often be heard discussing all the fun and interesting projects they did that day! We thank her for her bright smile and open heart that she brings to school with her every day.

Mr. Cartwright - Lead Teacher, Sr. Explorers

“I enjoy working at Primrose School of Dunwoody because the staff creates a fun and enjoyable work environment and the children always make me laugh and appreciate my job.”

Mr. Johnson - Chef

“I like working with all the children and staff. Primrose is a very uplifting school to work for and I enjoy being a part of the team.”

Ms. Bullard - Assistant Teacher

Ms. Bullard joined Primrose team in 2005 and has had the opportunity to work in various classrooms, from Infants to Explorers. She is passionate about nurturing and educating children and we are fortunate to share in that.

Ms. Handspike - Assistant Teacher

“The reason I enjoy working at Primrose is simply because I enjoy working with the children. I enjoy coming to work playing with infants and having circle time with toddlers. I also enjoy meeting new parents and I have an amazing group of co-workers.”

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dual Accreditation Update from

Terry Nall


Thank you representing a horrendous job in getting improbable the word via your networks all the way through DeKalb County regarding the need representing dual accreditation by Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) of all DeKalb County School System high spot schools. This began as and continues to be a county-wide call representing the benefit of all high spot train students, whether in high spot train at the moment or heartbreaking up to high spot train larger than the then several years. Restoring SACS chock-full accreditation will take multiple years, so dual accreditation will furthermore be considered necessary representing multiple years as a safety obtain representing our graduating students.

From the news relatives under, the message to Michael Thurmond and the DeKalb BOE is loud and discharge from all larger than DeKalb County, whether it be North, South, East, or West. From my special experience of serving to head this initiative and from recital other train board members' speech marks in the under news articles, I am happy to facilitate next to slightest our train board members are listening to the stakeholders.




As a reminder, the school board discussion and its decision on this action item is expected on Monday, June 3. Please keep up your diligent efforts by asking all those who haven't already written the school board members about supporting this request to do so before June 3. 

Thanks again for your assistance.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dunwoody Elementary School Certified Wildlife Habitat

Dunwoody Elementary School
Certified Wildlife Habitat

(Left to right) DES third graders displaying sign: Tanvi Singhal, Zariah
Wade, Matt Kotzbauer, Mia Arrigali, Katie Donovan
Kneeling: Max Erfani and Jackson Nguyen

Dunwoody Elementary School received certification this year as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. The school received a certificate that said, “Your  habitat is certified in National Wildlife Federation’s worldwide network of mini-refuges. Because of your conscientious planning, landscaping and sustainable gardening, wildlife may find quality habitat – food, water, cover and places to raise their young. Thank you for your dedication to our nation’s wildlife! The school also received a sign.

Dunwoody Elementary School

"Teachers Make a Difference"

Photo (left to right) of Georgia United Credit Union’s Tilly Mill Branch
Manager Colette Leal with Klare McKee, DES Discovery teacher, and DES
second grade teacher, Avis Holbrook with Logan Mason, Business Development
Officer at Georgia United.

Klare McKee, Discovery teacher, and second grade DES teacher, Avis Holbrook were in the “top ten” runners-up for Georgia United Credit Union and Star 94’s 2013 "Teachers Make a Difference" recognition! Teachers could be nominated by parents, coworkers, and/or students. There were well over 400 nominations. Ms. Holbrook and Ms. McKee received a trophy, a $100 Visa gift card, a “goodie bag,” and an ice cream sandwich party for their class. Kim Wall, representative from the Credit Union, also came out to distribute the awards.

Other teachers that were nominated at DES: group photo, left to right:
Avis Holbrook, Klaretta Young, Chrissie Shelton, Klare McKee, Jenn
Mattison, and Mary Margaret Warshaw (not pictured) with Logan Mason (from
Ga. United Credit Union). All teachers that were nominated received a
certificate and a goodie bag.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dunwoody Elementary School Participates in
First World-Wide Stem Day

ATLANTA (May 3, 2013) - TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed), the Technology Association of Georgia’s charitable organization dedicated to preparing the next-generation workforce, celebrated the first Georgia STEM Day on May 3, 2013. Over 260,000 students and educators from across the state participated in innovative STEM-based learning activities.

“Georgia STEM Day is about raising awareness of the importance of STEM to our state,” said Chris Reinking, TAG-Ed board chair and partner and co- founder at Jabian Consulting.~“It is vital that students embrace STEM concepts at an early age in order to compete in Georgia’s future technology workforce. STEM Day is one way educators can introduce STEM in their classroom, ultimately providing a channel to encourage life-long
STEM learning.”

STEM Day participants ranged from individual classrooms to entire school districts. At Dunwoody Elementary School, Jenn Mattison, a fourth grade gifted teacher, planned a STEM project called “The Chicken Mummy” to compliment studies of ancient Egypt. Students worked to understand the Egyptian mummification process by salting, adding scents, and drying out Cornish game hens. As part of Georgia STEM Day, Mattison’s class
reprocessed the chickens and compared their weights. At the end of the unit in May, the students will bury their mummies. The goal is for next year’s fourth grade students to dig up the mummified hens as part of an archaeological excavation.

“I wanted to participate in the 2013 Georgia STEM Day because I believe that STEM is an opportunity for my students to take more responsibility of their own learning and increase rigor in my classroom. Students are able to predict, observe, and test their theories. STEM activities prepare students to become globally competitive,” Mattison said.

DES Teacher Jenn Mattison with DES 4th grade

students on STEM Day